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    AKEMI ProModal® - Where Softness Meets Function

    02 Jul 2013

    • AKEMI ProModal® bed linen is made from 100% ProModal®, a multi-talented fibre that offers exceptional softness and a superb function of moisture absorption and temperature regulating. ProModal® innovation comprises the unique botanical fibre blend of Lenzing Modal® and TENCEL®. These fibres make AKEMI ProModal® bed linen possible to unite exceptional softness with superb performance and function.

      ProModal® - The BasicBotanic Principle

      Botanic principles are applied throughout ProModal® production process. The basic botanic principles involve photosynthesis, which is the fundamental of ProModal® as the raw material of wood are used. Thus, the naturalness in ProModal® fabric is very distinguishable. With ProModal®, you can feel right away the fibre blend comes from nature as it is produced through ecological production that combined technology with environmental advantages to make sure that the production has very little impact on the human environment.

      “Delightfully Soft And Comfort”
      Being a natural softening agent, ProModal® has excellent durability and strength enhances the softness of the fibre. With such, AKEMI ProModal® bed linens invite you to indulge in blissful slumber, night after night.

      “Naturally Hygienic”
      AKEMI ProModal® bed linens provide unique moisture absorption capacity that draws away moisture, and help ensure a healthier sleep. Without moisture, the growth of bacteria is inhibited, giving a hygienic and pleasant feeling to skin.

      “Higher Tear Strength”
      During fabric production, ProModal® reveals a higher tear strength after mercerising which can be passed on to the finished textile. The process reliability, which is improved by the higher tear strength, makes ProModal® a high-quality fibre for finishing.




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