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    ProModal®: Improved Performance to Bed Sheet Fabrics

    12 Dec 2013

    • ProModal®: Improved Performance to Bed Sheet Fabrics

      By Fred Victor

      Eastern Decorator, owner of AKEMI, and Lenzing, a leading producer of man-made cellulosics like rayon, modal, and lyocell, are working together to bring improved functional performance to bedsheet fabrics in Southeast Asian bedding industry.

      According to Fred Wu, Head of Marketing of Eastern Decorator Group, about a year or two ago AKEMI began hearing about the challenges of customers were looking for better moisture absorbing bed sheet fabrics without compromising the softness. Given the growing popularity of both Lenzing Modal® fibre and TENCEL® fibre in the Asian bedding market, Lenzing combined them to come up with really amazing fabric, that is ProModal® ”. From there, Eastern Decorator and Lenzing decided to work together to promote ProModal® in the market place, Fred added.

      Eastern Decorator is pleased to work with Lenzing to help its customers to have functional fabrics with strong marketing attributes. Both companies have global marketing, sales and technical teams supporting the developments and they will provide joint promotional materials,marketing information and supply chain support.

      Best Blend of Two Fibre Worlds

      ProModal® is the best fibre combination, it unites the best of two fibre worlds since it is a fibre blend of Lenzing Modal® and TENCEL®. Bed sheet fabrics made of ProModal® are very promising since the fibre blend unites softness and functionality. A homogeneous blending ratio of both fibres in a specially calibrated blendomat guarantees an optimum quality.

      ProModal® is blended using a specific blending ratio of the two fibres developed for this particular application. According to Lenzing, bed sheets made with the blended fiber exhibit enhanced tear strength and bursting pressure, and a soft hand with increased fullness. The company points out that the fibre blend has a yield approximately six times higher than that of cotton, and its production consumes 10 to 20 times less water.

      In other words, ProModal® represents an important fibre blend that Lenzing Modal® provides exceptional softness while TENCEL® assures dry cool sleeping environment due to its better moisture absorbing function (than cotton).

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