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    Are You Drinking Your Milk At The Right Time? 你挑对时间喝牛奶了吗?

    12 Jun 2014

    • By Mei Kei & Stephanie Lai

      Milk is a nutrient-rich and high calcium product that we need in our daily lives. However, many people do not know that there is a best time to drink milk which allows the human body to fully absorb the nutrients, rather than let it go to waste. Milk is often an essential breakfast food for human, causing many people to think that the best time for drinking milk is in the morning. In fact, unlike common beliefs evening is the best time to drink milk.


      Milk contains nutrients biochemical substance called L-tryptophan which promotes sleep and control mental stability. In addition, milk also contains substances similar tomorphine. These substances have sedative and hypnotic effects which promote sleep effectively.


      Middle aged people and elderly often experience low calcium in blood during the night, thus drinking milk in the evening helps replenish the much needed calcium, improving bone protection and promote calcium absorption. Elderly who often face insomnia at night cantry to drink milk in order to help eliminate stress and enhance sleep quality.


      On the other hand, in order to avoid bathroom trips and indigestion during the night, the best time to drink milk is one or one and a half hour before sleep. Warm milk will carry out better effect. However, diabetics need to avoid drinking milk before sleep,because it would be detrimental to the glucose, lipids and weight of the human body.





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