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    Bedtime Habits Ruining Your Restful Sleep 睡前坏习惯,你犯了哪一项?

    05 Jul 2014

    • By Mei Kei


      1. WatchingTV, surfing the Web, playing the smartphone before sleep


      It is common that people play with their electronic devices such as watching TV, internet and playing the smartphone before sleep. To avoid letting your tired eyes being stimulated by light from electronic devices, you should get away from the electronic products one hour before bedtime. You may spend a little time listening to your favorite music to relax your mind before sleeping.


      2. Take a Hot Bath Right Before Sleep
      It is true that a warm soak can help you fall asleep, but not if you are climbing out of the water immediately before climbing into bed. Body temperature dips at night, starting at around two hours before sleep. A hot bath causes your temperature to rise and then cool down afterward, which will help you relax. The drop of body temperature makes you sleepy, and the steeper the drop, the deeper you'll sleep.


      3. Eating supper


      Eating supper before sleep not only result in weight gain, but also cause burden to intestines and stomach, increasing secretion of gastric acid and also lead to GERD. If you really feel hungry, you may drink a cup of warm milk to solve the problem and also promote sleep.


      4. Drinking alcoholic beverages before sleep


      Some middle aged people and elderly often drink alcoholic beverage before sleep because they think that it can help to promote sleep. It is true that people sleep faster after drinking, but alcohol will make people regain consciousness after alcoholic is metabolized in midnight. Besides, body's tolerance of alcohol will gradually increase, hence,you might drink more and more but not helping you to have better sleep.


      5. Insisting to lie on bed although cannot fall asleep


      Many people insist to lie on bed even they could not fall asleep, till the sun rise on the next day. In fact, if you really cannot sleep,you should get up and leave the bedroom to do something else. For example, you may listen to some relaxing music to relieve stress and return to the bedroom to sleep when you feel sleepy.





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